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"Targeting Horse Houdini's"

At Kez Rugs and Saddlery we know what a horse looks like and how it moves. We don’t work from a static model as is the case in most asian factories. We know that horses will roll, scratch, frolic and actually put their heads down to eat. We also know that some of the little darlings will quickly destroy that rug for which you have paid hard earned money if it slips, rubs or doesn't fit well. Our fittings are of a high quality designed to last for the life of the rug or longer. Our rug design does not require darts on the shoulder area which often cause pressure points and rubbing. They also have a seam along the...

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'Superior Fit'

Horse Rugs designed to fit well and wear well.We don’t believe in unnecessary bells and whistles on our horse rugs, which we believe are usually a sales ploy to make you think you are getting a bunch of extras for no extra cost. Our aim is to provide a well fitting, comfortable rug for your horse and long lasting wearability. Our leg straps can be removed enabling you to layer rugs using one set of leg straps. Leg straps are also reversible so that they are clipped under the rug rather than at the rear. This reduces the likelihood of horses catching clips on fences if they are itching.  

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