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Rug Size Guide

Measure in a straight line from the centre of the horse's chest (where the top chest buckle would sit), around the shoulder, along the side of the belly to the furthest rear point of the rump, or where you expect the rug to finish. Make sure not to measure around to the tail as this will add a few extra inches.

An easy way to measure your horse is to use a tape measure that has imperial measurements on it (feet and inches). Measure your horse in the same way as mentioned above. As you get to the horse's rump you can get an idea of where each size horse rug size will finish. Using the tape as a guide, check where you would expect the horse rug to finish and see how it relates to imperial sizing. For example, a 6'0 rug will measure 6'0, so considering the 3-inch intervals in sizing that horse rugs follow, and you can get an idea where a 5'9 or even a 6'3 will finish. Some people find this an easier method for measuring because it will help you understand where each horse rug size will finish.

MEASURING CONVERSION - Metric Size to Imperial Size
99cm Size 3'3
107cm Size 3'6
115cm Size 3'9
123cm Size 4'0
130cm Size 4'3
137cm Size 4'6
145cm Size 4'9
152cm Size 5'0
160cm Size 5'3
168cm Size 5'6
175cm Size 5'9
183cm Size 6'0
191cm Size 6'3
198cm Size 6'6
206cm Size 6'9
213cm Size 7'0