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Fly Veils - Standard
Fly Veils - Standard
Fly Veils - Standard

Kez Rugs

Fly Veils - Standard

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Kez Rugs fly veils for horses are long lasting and designed to be comfortable and safe for your horse. Kez Rugs supply fly veils that are designed to protect your horse from a number of elements. Flies and other biting insects like buffalo fly are generally the main concern and reason for your horse to wear a fly veil. Flies can drive your horse crazy as well as being dangerous to their health and wellbeing. Flies can easily spread disease and parasites from sick horses to healthy horses.

The use of a fly mask can help provide a healthy and stress free environment for your horse in the paddock as well as in his stable.

Another great benefit for your horse to wear a fly veil in our Aussie climate is to protect your horse’s face from the harmful sun’s UV rays. Your horse maybe susceptible to sun burn due to white, pale or sensitive skin.

If your horse has a white blaze/nose area you may wish to have a nose piece attached to the fly veil. We suggest that you select the 'pleated nose flyveil' instead.

It is important to make sure your fly veil fits your horses head correctly. Kez Rugs fly veils have adjustable velcro attachments on the jaw area as well as an adjustable strap that goes behind the horse’s ears.

Some fly mask can scratch your horse’s eyes, leading to corneal ulcers, Kez Rugs Fly veils eye area is designed with a double stitched dart which keeps the mesh away from your horse’s eyes to prevent any rubbing in this area.

It is also very important that you regularly wash your fly veil, ensuring that any dirt or grime is removed from the fly veil, leaving your horse happy with a clear view.

Kez Rugs fly veils are machine washable and dry very easily.